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In the late 80's Sprague moved to Naples, Florida. Although he continued to paint Panama in his studio located in his converted garage, Sprague added to his subject matter to include the Bahamas, American fishermen, and women on the beach.


In the early 90's, Sprague moved to Newport News, Virginia where he set up not only a painting studio in his converted garage but also a bronze casting studio in his back yard.  Always stimulated by his surroundings, Sprague added to his subject matter to include the Chesapeake Bay fishermen.

The summer of 2017, Sprague relocated once again to New Orleans, Louisiana where he was immediately stimulated by the artsy environment of the city. He began visiting local bars to sketch, draw, and paint the people and jazz bands.  

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Lisa Dawn

Sprague spent many years living near the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. During these years, he captured the essence of the american fishermen of the region.

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