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Sprague began his career as a teacher at Williamsburg Junior High School in 1962. He remained in this capacity until 1966 when he was provided with an opportunity to return home to Panama. Sprague was hired by the Panama Canal Zone Schools to teach art and English at Curundu Junior High School. In 1970, he was transferred to his alma mater, Balboa High School where ironically, he taught art in the same classroom he had been removed.


Through his teaching career, Sprague had the opportunity to touch the lives of many students.   Many recall the stories Sprague shared in English and the paintings he painted during art. They remember painting watercolors at the edge of the jungle above Balboa Elementary School, listening to music in the classroom, and learning to love and appreciate art. Several past students pursued careers in art because of Sprague and his passion for the career.


In 1979, Sprague resigned from the Canal Zone Schools and devoted himself to a full-time career in art.

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